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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

National Public Relations Education Day - 2013

National PR Education Day & 
Birthday of Dr CV Narasimha Reddi

Chapters of Public Relations Society of India have celebrated National Public Relations Education Day on 6th August 2013. Hyderabad Chapter of PRSI had a different, yet a jubilant opportunity when it celebrated the 80th Birthday of PR pioneer, Dr C V Narasimha Reddi where a high level legal authority, Vice Chancellors of two universities, two notable media personalities, a galaxy of PR professionals and students of business communication courses, have witnessed Dr Reddi turning 80.
Everyone in PR profession will acknowledge that Dr CVNR is a bi-word for Public Relations. Therefore, out of reverence, 6th August is named as PR Education Day. This is because; he is a universal model of PR personality (a practitioner, a teacher, an author, an academician etc). For the growth of PR, he strengthened the professional Organisation, laid down procedures, created knowledge base, created opportunities for the aspirants into PR profession. 
Hon'ble Goa Lokayuktha, Justice B Sudarshan Reddy in his address said “as far as PR is concerned, Dr CV Narasimha Reddi is an instrument and an institution himself. It is because Dr Reddi stood the ground with principles and never yielded and never gone with the wind. PR and Mass Communication are twins and not cousins as believed. Therefore, if journalism is first draft of history, PR shall be a fair draft of it. In the absence of these two branches of information and communication, citizens become victims of dis-information. Especially, people in PR must associate themselves with valid inputs and involve in policy making process”. When asked to give a suggestion to the profession, Hon’ble Goa Lokayukta poked "Never invite any VIP to give 'sandesh' at your programs. This 'desh' is like this because of such kind of 'sandesh”. Instead, he suggested “invite them for a talk or a discussion or a lecture or a dialogue" 
Prof. S. Sathyanarayana, Vice Chancellor of Osmania University said there are 677 universities and 36,000 colleges in India and the need is introduction of Public Relations so that students can be properly taught in handling information for the reason that social media which attracts the youth, is going viral. Similarly, there is a need for trained PR people to meet the expanding needs in handling social marketing campaigns, he said.  He assured that he will make efforts to facilitate research in Public Relations in Osmania University.
Prof P Prakash, Vice Chancellor of Dr B R Ambedkar Open University pointed out the importance of the role that can be played by Public Relations alone in removing the mistrust among the governors and the governed. He also assured that M.Phil and PhDs will be introduced in the University to further the growth of public relations.
Dr Naga Mallika, Prof & Head, Dept of Journalism, English & Foreign Languages University, Hyderabad was conferred with ‘Best PR Teacher’ award while Sri K M K Rao, former AGM, HMT who counsel on Public Relations at Dr BR Ambedkar Open University was also conferred with ‘Best PR Counselor’ award at the function.
Ms Tanusree Mukherjee, Senior Lecturer, Amity School of Journalism who won the All India Case Study completion organized by CVNPR Foundation was rewarded.
These apart, 8 meritorious students of different universities and institutions who topped in PR courses and subjects were presented with merit certificates.
Dr CV Narasimha Reddi in his presidential address reminded that PR has grown quantitatively in India but not qualitatively. He stressed on the need to acquire professional excellence by the PR practitioners. As a gesture of encouragement he handed over a cheque of Rs.50,000/- to the Vice Chancellor of Dr BR Ambedkar Open University for instituting an award to be presented every year to those students who score highest marks in the under graduate course of PR & Mass communication to be introduced shortly. He was also ambitious when he said that out of 60,000 students that seek admission every year, in various undergraduate courses of the open university, at least 6,000 will opt for BA (PR & Masscom) and it would be nice to see PR in the making and in empowering the youth with persuasive and communicative skills.
It is believed that Almighty gave Moses, the Torah; David, the Psalms; Jesus, the Gospel; Muhammad, the Quran. The Prophets/Messengers sent to the Earth, from time to time, have brought several good things to mankind both in voice and in written word. I, being an ardent believer of truthful and ethical dimensions in Public Relations and as a follower of Dr CVNR, feel that God must have authorized him to propagate PR. It should be neither a blasphemy nor an exaggeration. This is evident from his evangelical commitment and missionary zeal to promote PR in all its fronts. 

-          Y. Babji