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Friday, March 16, 2012

23 P's of Marketing in place of 4

P's of Marketing

The new 23 'P's for a businessman - manufacturer or trader or retailer are that he needs socially relevant & marketable products (P-1), needs a market place (P-2) to meet & sell to customers - like office, bazaar or cyber space. With a right price (P-3), appropriate packaging (P-4) and well-planned promotion (P-5) he wants to reach all his customers - people (P-6) duly understanding their perceptions (P-7) through a well thought of Public Relations strategy (P-8) and for that what he needs is a proper planning (P-9). The purpose of any successful business is not just to sell goods but to collect timely payment (P-10) and to earn profit (P-11) and if possible earn an extra praise (P-12) too - that is to make name and fame. Modern day marketing management with all their prudence (P-13), perseverance (P-14) and patience (P-15) provides a professional (P-16) approach, and emphasizes on strategies for positioning (P-17). Brands whether for product, company or person are rated as more prestigious (P-18). Members of the staff - call them internal customers - are also perks (P-19) driven and the environment should be a pleasure (P-20) to work for better performance (P-21) and for both - the individual and company is very important. Like tangible investments in the past, today, management looks forward to personnel (P-22) skills of people i.e. members of staff as a very important factor for increasing business productivity (P-23).

Thanks to Dr CVNR, Mr Suresh Gaur & Mr Kapila Asutosh